The Most Important Trait to Lose Weight

Hey everybody. And welcome back to another Trainer Tip Tuesday, your source on all things health and fitness. And my Trainer Tip Tuesday. For you guys, this week is if you’re looking to get better, then you need to be hungry to reach your goals. And what I mean by that is a lot of these Trainer Tips Tips Tuesdays are action steps on things you can do to get to your dream body.

But in order for these actions to work, you actually have to put in the work itself. If you don’t have hunger or drive for your goal, then eventually you’re going to hit a point where you stop progressing, you become dissatisfied and you never reach that true potential of yourself. And that’s what helped me make my over 60-pound weight loss journey was that I had a lot of hunger and drive to be better than I was because I was dissatisfied with my life. And if you guys are dissatisfied with your life or how you look, then you need to use that energy to create that hunger and drive to become that person. You know that you can be because at the end of the day, that’s why we’re dissatisfied is that we know that we can be better as people and we want to be better and we know our true potential and what lies within us.

So that’s why I have for you guys this Trainer Tip Tuesday. As always, guys, I know you can do this. For more check out our Fenix Fitness Blog.