TTT: Get Motivated With Buy-In

Hey everybody. And welcome back to another Trainer Tip Tuesday, your source on all things health and fitness. So jumping into today’s Trainer Tip Tuesday. My tip for you guys is if you’re looking to be motivated, what you guys need is buying in. Now, in order for you to understand how buy-in will help you achieve your goals, you first need to know what buy-in is.

And I define buy-in as an emotional investment you get in return from achieving a small goal. the thing about motivation and buy-in and how they work is that they’re not something that you can actually physically buy. A lot of people make this a mistake where they end up thinking they need to buy all these clothes, all the special equipment, special pills or any specific diet. Those aren’t things that will help you move towards being motivated and working to your goals. in real life, what buy-in looks like is let’s say, for instance, that you want to lose 50 lbs.

Now, in order to lose 50 lbs,mini-goal you know you’re going to need to get more active. Now let’s say that you set a mini-goal or a small goal of trying to just go walk ten minutes a day extra. When you guys actually do those things and you follow through with that goal by achieving it, you’re going to be emotionally invested in what you’re doing. Motivation comes when you pursue and achieve the things that you set out to do. Instead, buy-in and motivation only come when you put forth the effort needed to achieve your goals.

And I can say from first hand that the fruit of your own labor is the sweetest. So if you guys want to get out there, achieve your goals and get motivated, then you guys need to start acting first, get that buy in and get motivated and get the momentum you need to achieve things and accomplish. That’s all I have for you guys. This Trainer Tip Tuesday. Stay Posted.

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