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It’s hard to feel your best when you’re in non-stop joint pain, or have a chronic reoccurring injury. A likely cause of distress in your body is due to bad movement patterns and imbalances in your body.

Modern-day life forces us into postures that can cause muscular imbalances. These imbalances can cause weak muscles that can lead to joint pain. Or worse – even be the cause of a painful injury.

Corrective exercises are exercises designed to combat this weakness so you can reduce pain and eliminate the chance of injury.

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For example: Do you have sit down for work everyday and have back pain?
It’s likely because of your tight hips and hamstrings brought on from sitting. Our corrective exercise program can help release the stress placed on your muscles to reduce back pain and increase strength and flexibility.

Corrective Exercises From the Comfort of Your Home

Fenix Fitness In Home Personal Trainers can save you time and energy by bringing the workout to you. We can meet you at your home, park or work. Don’t stress trying to fit in your workout.

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Corrective Exercises Accelerate Weight Loss

If you’re in everyday pain – WEIGHT LOSS IS A BATTLE.

Pain releases a stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone has a direct correlation with your body’s increase of holding fat. When you have everyday pain caused by an imbalance or injury it makes weight loss much harder.

If we can reduce or eliminate your pain – we can accelerate your weight loss and get you to a better you!

You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

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For more information on our weight management programs check out:
Fenix Fitness Fat Loss and Toning Page

Corrective Exercises for Strength and Performance

Our corrective exercise program isn’t just for addressing pain and weight loss. Corrective exercises can also BOOST your strength and performance training.

By addressing fundamental imbalances we can increase mobility and then stability. When muscles and movements work together it reduces the overall stress of your target areas. This allows your entire body to build strength and increase overall performance.

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Corrective Exercises as we Age

As we age our bodies change and we have a harder time building and keep muscle. This lack of muscle support can interfere with our posture, flexibility, and balance. It can also lead to chronic pain, and injury.

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Our corrective exercise program works hand in hand with our Function Fitness services for older people. These programs help to correct any body imbalances and increase your overall strength. Correcting body issues and increasing strength keeps your body fit and reduces the risk of injury.

Learn more about our Functional Fitness Services for Seniors.

Benefits of Corrective Exercises and What To Expect

When working with our personal trainers, we’ll take you through a FREE Fitness Assessment to understand your goals and create a personalized fitness plan. By incorporating corrective exercise into your routine expect to have:

  • Reduced Pain
  • Enhanced Movement & Functionality
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Better Weight Loss
  • More Self-Reliance
  • Decreased Risk of Injury
  • Less Stress
  • Increased Strength

Get Started with Fenix Fitness In Home Personal Training

Here at Fenix Fitness, we see the big picture. Being healthy doesn’t mean just looking the part. That is why Fenix focuses on all aspects of health, so you don’t just look healthy but feel it too.

Expect to focus on all areas of your health: physical, emotional, and psychological. By incorporating change behavior in all these areas you will finally get back to feeling like the real you.

Fenix is about being reborn, fitness saved my life, it means that we can tear ourselves down and build a better us in place.

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