Your fitness goals are important to us.

When your hard work pays off and you start seeing your body change – everything starts to feel different.

Your days are better. You’re more energized and happy.

And when we see this shift in one of our clients we get energized, our days are better.

It’s a driving force to know that we helped someone get fit and healthy. When you reach your fitness goals, we love it!.

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We’re dedicated to be the best fitness asset you’ve ever worked with. When your goals align with our goals, everything is possible.

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Your Fitness Goals

Reaching your peak fitness and health is a very hard goal. There is much to overcome. Learning nutrition, how to do exercises safely – staying motivated. Just stepping foot in the gym can feel like an uphill battle.

A Similar Fitness Story

Our trainer Jacob has faced the same battles of reaching his peak fitness – and staying there.

It’s been a challenging – but REWARDING journey for him.

But it also gives him the experience to have a unique perspective of the kinds of challenges you are facing.

Read more of Jacob’s Story Here

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The Fenix Fitness Difference:

  • Understanding: You want to change, and that can be hard. Don’t go through the journey alone we will help support you on your journey through all obstacles.

  • Caring: Your goals will be treated like they are our own. You won’t feel like it’s you vs. the world. We’re here to not only train you physically, but support you mentally.

  • Seeing Results: By using we will get you results. Our personal trainers take a full assessment of your body, goals and challenges and develop your customized fitness program. You won’t only lose weight or tone up but you’ll keep it off too. Goals that stick for life.

  • Accountability: When we work together towards your fitness goals that means we also bear 50% of the accountability. Your goal is treated as if it were our own. We’ll communicate with you, even on days we don’t meet, to keep you accountable and on track.

  • In-Home, Office, or at the Park: What separates us apart from other gyms is that we come and work with you at a place of your choosing. Whether it’s group training or one-on-one sessions our customized workout programs are organized around your body and goals. You won’t need to copy workouts from the internet anymore.

  • Variety of Workouts: Our workouts meet you where you’re at, physically and mentally. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced you will be provided with workouts targeting your goals. We always like to rotate the types of exercises to always keep it fresh and challenging so you can see constant results.

  • Having Fun: You’re trying to make being healthy a habit and there’s no better way than by having fun. Not only will the workouts be fun, but our coaches too. Working out will become a priority to you.

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