Your Health and Fitness are Important

Get to your best health. Get to your best self.

You have a busy schedule and often don’t have time to work out.

At Fenix, we will come to you at a time that fits your schedule. Qualified personal trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Get started on your path to a healthier lifestyle today!

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We Work With:

  • Men, Women & Children
  • Older People
  • People with Medical Issues
  • Beginners and Athletes
  • Individuals
  • Couples – and Groups

We Can Help You:

  • Lose Weight – and Keep it Off
  • Build Muscle or Tone Up
  • Improve Balance
  • Reduce Risk of Injury
  • Get Stronger
  • Learn About Nutrition and Safe Exercises

Jacob is phenomenal!

My husband and I workout together with Jacob. He’s great one on one and working with couples. His workouts have so much variety and you will never get bored!

His routines are created just for YOU. Fantastic motivator and he is very enthusiastic during the workouts. Be prepared to sweat and feel amazing both physically and mentally!!

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The Best Version of YOU!

Get back to the best version of yourself by taking control of your health and fitness with a personal trainer.

A personal trainer helps you reclaim your health through one-on-one, personalized fitness coaching. Using the tools, guidance & accountability of a personal trainer, you can achieve results that last beyond the hour or a day.

Personal training will help you develop the foundation necessary to enjoy a high level of health. If you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to help you succeed.

Meet Your Trainer

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Jacob with Fenix Fitness

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Our Services

In-Home Training

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Get the best results from the comfort of your home.

Fat Loss & Toning

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Tone, tighten, and love the way you look and feel.

Nutrition Coaching

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You’ll see the best results when we improve nutrition.

Functional Fitness

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Keep fit so you can do the things you love

Customized Programs

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You’ll get workouts that fit your goals AND body!

Corrective Exercise

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Don’t just look better; feel it too.

Stress Management

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We’ll help you balance life and maintaining your health.

Free Assessment

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Find your starting point and get a plan going.

Pricing – In Home Personal Training for St. Peters

If you’ve never hired a personal trainer the Intro Special is a great way to get a feel of what personal training is like. Find out what the sessions are like, and how well you like the personal trainer.

Any fitness package can be 1 on 1 or as a group, family, or couple. Pricing for groups is the same as for 1 on 1.


$99- Unlimited Training for 2-Weeks.


$85/Session. Sessions are
1-Hour. Typically 2/Week.


$75/Session. Sessions are
1-Hour. Typically 2/Week.

PAY IN FULL – (Get a discount when you pay for our 3-month and 6-month packages in full at $65/Session. The Schedule can be adjusted as required for scheduling or if you’re rehabbing an injury – just ask.)

  • Convenience, Privacy, & Comfort – We bring the gym to the comfort and privacy of your home. A full workout minus the distractions.
  • Reinvest Time in Your Health – Going to the gym takes time and money. You’ll be able to save time from packing for the gym, driving to and back, and finding the equipment you need.
  • Personalization – To get the you best results we customize the workouts to match your goals. Not everyone has the same body or circumstances.
  • Flexibility – We’re flexible and can work with you to find time in your schedule to workout. We’ll meet you where you want, when you can.
  • Accountability – Staying accountable and motivated are BIG hurdles when keeping to a fitness schedule. Expect to hear from us a lot because we’ll take on 50% of the accountability, making it 50% easier for you.
  • Results You’ll Notice – You’ll have the recipe for success by combining our customized programing and nutrition coaching.
  • Mental Health – In-home personal training will provide you with all the motivation and support you need to succeed at your goals.

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Saves Time:

Hiring an in-home personal trainer can be life-changing. With our in-home workouts, results have never been easier. You’ll be able to transform your body, save time, and get back to being your best.

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Look & Feel Your Best:

Expect to like what you see in the mirror. When you reach your goals, you’ll be more physically active and feel better about yourself.

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Stop The Weight Loss Yo-Yoing

Nothing is more frustrating than working to lose weight just to gain it back. Stop Yo-Yoing! We’ll help you build new habits


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“Working with Jacob to accomplish my goals is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. His constant encouragement and advice helped me to surpass my original goal and inspired me to keep setting new ones. The hard work and discipline that he instilled in me showed me that I really could do whatever I set my mind to.”

Reno Carmichael

Ready? It Takes You to Start

The process of learning about exercise and nutrition can be overwhelming. There’s plenty of information out there, but it’s difficult to learn all the basics of these topics on your own. That’s where Fenix Fitness comes in.

Getting Started

Contact us using the form below or give us a call. We’ll answer all your questions and get you pumped to get fit. We’ll run you through a FREE FITNESS ASSESSMENT, craft a personalized plan to success, and begin your tailored workouts.

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