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What better way to accomplish your personal and fitness goals but to do it TOGETHER? 

Get personalized fitness training for:

  • You and your significant other
  • You and your family
  • You and your friends
  • You and your co-workers

If you or someone you’re close with has struggled to maintain their ideal fitness level it’s likely because life gets in the way, you’re not making time for it, or you’re losing interest in your workouts.

Fenix Group Training Program

Our training programs for couples, families and groups is a great way to stay on track and motivated. Sharing your fitness success with those closest to you is a whole new level of accountability and motivation. 

Show those closest to you that their health and fitness is important to you.

Training from the Comfort and Privacy of Home

Our fitness trainers save you time and energy by bringing the workout to you. We’ll meet you at your home, park or work. We make it easy and quick!

Areas We Serve:
O’Fallon | St. Peters | St. Charles | Lake St. Louis

Get You and Your Favorite People Healthy and Fit

How many people do you know make a resolution, or plan to get fit – but end up quickly losing steam?

They soon prioritize other things. They skip it once…then again…then just stop all together.

This is VERY COMMON when it comes to exercise and fitness.

How many New Year’s resolutions do you know of that are quickly abandoned?

Pricing – Couples, Family & Group Personal Training

When you sign up for our couples, family or group personal training program the prices are just like if we were to train you 1-on-1. You simply split the bill with whoever you’re training with.

It’s that simple.


$99- Unlimited Training for 2-Weeks.


$85/Session. Sessions are
1-Hour. Typically 2/Week.


$75/Session. Sessions are
1-Hour. Typically 2/Week.

PAY IN FULL – (Get a discount when you pay for our 3-month and 6-month packages in full at $65/Session. The Schedule can be adjusted as required for scheduling or if you’re rehabbing an injury – just ask.)

The Main Reasons We See Fitness Plans Fail

  • Life Gets in The Way
  • Accountability and Motivation
  • Boring or Cookie Cutter Workouts
  • Not Seeing Results or Lack of a Plan

We see one or a combination of these reasons in our clients fitness history frequently. It’s one of the main reasons why they’re calling us and signing up for personal training.

Read Some Reviews on Google to See What we Mean

A personal trainer can help overcome these challenges and many more.

And if you struggle with staying consistent or you’re just not seeing results from your exercises – you probably have friends that struggle with the same thing.

Does your significant other have a hard time losing weight, or isn’t seeing results fast enough?

Do you have friends that have the motivation and hit the gym 3 times a week but just aren’t seeing the results they expected?

Maybe you’re bored of the same workout every week and want to switch it up.

If you’re the type of person that understands that fitness does more than just make you healthier, you might also realize that fitness:

  • Gives You More Energy
  • Makes You Feel Better
  • Prevents Injury
  • Prevents Illness
  • And Builds Good Healthy Habits

But if you have a hard time staying consistent, keeping your workouts fun and varied, and want to see results based on your fitness plan…

And you know others struggle as well…

You should try a personal trainer – Try one now for a total of $99. Get a full 2-weeks of unlimited workouts with our introductory special – Contact Us or Call or Text – (636)-284-9028

Get Started with Fenix Fitness In Home Personal Training

Here at Fenix Fitness, we see the big picture. Being healthy doesn’t mean just looking the part. That is why Fenix focuses on all aspects of health, so you don’t just look healthy but feel it too.

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