How do I lose weight and keep it off?

Weight loss is one of the biggest fitness goals people come to us with.

Many times, our clients have tried diets, going to the gym, workout routines, 30 & 75-day challenges, and many more ways to lose weight. And they often do lose some weight, only to have it come back and feel defeated.

While many diets and workout routines can indeed help you lose weight, if you don’t stick to them and create life-changing habits – the weight will come back.

Cutting through the clutter of what will work for your body and lifestyle is where a personal trainer can help the most. 

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Instead of hopping on the next fad diet or recent YouTube workout challenge, consider getting help from a personal trainer that will help you understand your eating triggers and build a fitness plan that you can stick with.

Lose Weight from the Comfort and Privacy of Home

Fenix Fitness In-Home Personal Trainers can save you time and energy by bringing the workout to you. We can meet you at your home, park or work. Don’t stress trying to fit in your workout.

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I highly recommend Jacob at Fenix Fitness for your in-home personal training and here’s why.

I’m almost two years postpartum and I’ve been having difficulty getting the motivation and drive to bring myself back to the body weight and fitness level I am proud of. I struggled to make time for myself and make my health…

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Keta Jhala

Fenix Fitness Client

Can a Personal Trainer Help Me Lose Weight?

Yes, a personal trainer can help you lose weight. But losing weight isn’t just about eating right and working out. It’s also about knowing your limits and building on them, knowing your triggers and building good habits, and developing a plan you can stick with that fits your lifestyle. 

How Personal Trainers Can Help You Lose Weight

Maintaining weight loss can seem like an unattainable goal. It can be confusing and frustrating to not see the results you expected, or worse to have an injury doing something you weren’t ready for. 

  • When that new workout routine you’re trying isn’t shedding the weight as you thought
  • Or the latest “lose 20 lbs. In 2-weeks” means cutting out everything you love
  • Or a few workouts into a new workout program leaves you injured 

It can leave you deflated, lost, and ready to give up. 

But this is because you’re trying to do something that you’re not ready for, or was designed for someone else. 

A personal trainer can help you narrow your focus and design a weight loss plan that will work for you. 

Accountability and Consistency

A big reason why you gain and lose weight, or yo-yo, on diets and workouts, is the lack of accountability and consistency. 

It can be hard to cut out all alcohol when your friend group meets up at the bar on Friday. When you get injured doing an exercise because of poor form and you’re left wondering if you should even try it again. Or maybe life just gets in the way with work and family.

These are common experiences our clients have had and our personal trainers at Fenix Fitness can help you overcome many of these obstacles. Our trainers build a fitness plan around your life and fitness goals. 

Negative Self Defeating Thoughts

This is a big issue when you’re trying to tackle weight loss on your own. It’s hard to develop a fitness roadmap and stick to it. 

You’re working out and dieting, but it doesn’t seem to be working as fast as you think it should. So you get frustrated, skip a session here and there, maybe you don’t pay as much attention to what you’re eating – and then you talk yourself out of it. 

We’re here to help you overcome this negative self-doubt. When our trainers develop your personal fitness roadmap we take into consideration your lifestyle and physical abilities. 

If you’re not seeing the results as quickly as you’d like, we’ll tweak your plan. If you miss a workout due to life, we’ll let you know how this impacts your fitness goals. We’ll help keep you on track. 

Meet Your Trainer

Our trainer Jacob services the local area. As a kid, he struggled with obesity. It wasn’t just a physical toll on his body but a mental one as well. Read more about why he is so passionate about helping you lose weight.

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Jacob with Fenix Fitness

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Weight Loss and Toning – How They Work Together

Losing weight and getting toned make for a great package. Similar exercises for losing fat can be used to build muscle. And once you’ve lost enough fat those muscles that have been built up will help shape your form to create a toned body. 

By building muscle you’ll boost your metabolism, and burn more calories. Many of our weight loss exercises and fitness programs can be built around exercises that use weights in circuit-style training. 

And ladies don’t worry about getting bulky. Weight-based training is good for both men and women. Men tend to get bulky due to the higher levels of testosterone.

Tools and Systems We Use for Weight Loss:

  • Power training
  • TRX® training
  • Strength training
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Nutrition and Weight Management

Exercise and working out are really only about 25% of what you need to lose weight and keep it off. A large part of weight management is making sure you have a good diet and stick to it. 

Keep in mind that our trainers can only help coach you on a nutrition plan. They cannot create a meal plan or advise you on your nutrition. Only a nutritionist can do this for you. 

But our personal trainers are experienced in helping you realize bad habits and triggers and provide guidance as to how to overcome these. 

Is it Worth Getting a Personal Trainer for Weight Loss and Toning? 

Yes – If you want a fast way to lose weight, develop habits to help keep the weight off, learn how to exercise correctly and avoid injury, and have someone in your corner giving you the motivation to stick to one of the hardest things you’ll do – It’s worth getting a personal trainer. 

And the best part of Fenix Fitness personal trainers is the ability to work out in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Our trainers will come to your location, at home, work or park. You’ll get the same great workout as you would in the gym but without all the crowds, waiting, and judgment of others. 

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