Workouts That Work:

Don’t know how to work out or feel uncomfortable on your own? With our customized programs we’ll take out the guesswork so you can start focusing on results. Ditch the cookie-cutter workouts you found online because we program custom workouts based on your needs. If your goal is weight loss then we make the focus of your workouts weight loss. You’ll get the most out of your workouts when done properly. Expect from our workouts, to learn how to perform exercises with good form, how many sets and reps you should do, and how to put together a good program. 

Nutrition Counseling:

Whatever you struggle with when it comes to eating healthy, we’ve been there, and we’ll help guide you to a healthier happier you. Your life situation is unique. So, Fenix coaches will work with you to make customized homework that targets your biggest obstacles. You’ll finally love how you look and feel when you get past what’s holding you back from being the real you.

Beginner’s Mentality:

You can not only expect to reach your goals, but you will also learn everything you need to know about exercise and nutrition so you can have lifelong health. This is a journey of learning and growing, so we ask all clients to come into it with a beginner’s mindset. We always say: “I’m not here to be your personal trainer for life.” Our trainers will always be there for you, but we want you to sustain this for life. 

Deep Health:

At Fenix, we look at the bigger picture. There’s so much more to health than the physical, and that’s our focus, your deep health. Don’t just look better but feel better about life, more energetic, less stressed, and wake up every day excited and with purpose. By working with us you can expect us not to just to take you from point a to b but to change your life.

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