We take health and safety seriously. We are in the business of improving your health and fitness so you live a longer, happier life. External factors outside of personal training can also impact your ability to continue to work on your fitness.

Fenix Fitness follows all CDC recommendations that they have outlined for GYM & Fitness Centers. You can find the info here – COVID-19 Employer Information for Gyms and Fitness Centers.

Mobile Personal Trainers

Even though we are not a facility with several employees in one location we still follow the recommended guidelines. Our business model consists of personal training at our client’s desired location – be it a home, park, yard, office space, etc.

Our workouts consist of a personal trainer and some tools. Our trainers might use weights, exercise bands, steps, and other workout equipment.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Between each meeting, we are cleaning and disinfect all of our exercise equipment.

Masks and Protective Gear

Our trainers will wear masks, and other protect face shields as well as gloves or other protective gear at will or by request.

In Home Personal Training Could be a Safer Option

Since the majority of COVID is spread through droplets and close contact working at your home or in an open space can limit the transmission of the disease. Additionally, gyms and fitness centers are full of people who are breathing heavy and potentially increase the range of droplet travel.

Not every location advises a mask and not every person wears a mask. The risk of spreading COVID is great in these circumstances. You can read more about recent outbreaks here – CDC: Gym Sessions Without Masks Can Spread COVID-19

If you’re a person who is at high risk, going to the gym might not be the best option. A personal trainer that comes to your location could be a better option.

For any inquiries to our COVID policies or other questions, please contact Fenix Fitness here.