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Fenix Fitness Trainer Jacob

I want to help others find success in their health and fitness as I did.

Up to the age of 16-years old – I was obese

I always ate poorly and allowed myself to reach a weight of 220 pounds with over 40% body fat!

I was unhappy.

I never knew what it was like to feel confident in my body or truly be myself. 

I would never let my picture get taken because I would be embarrassed.

But One Day I Decided to Enough was Enough

After trying several ways to lose weight on my own I decided it was time to try something different.

I hired a personal trainer.

And from that day my weight loss and fitness journey truly began.

My trainer helped me lose over 60 pounds, and convert fat into muscle.

I learned about nutrition and exercise and how it can give me the body and health I’ve always wanted.

Fat Loss Transformation of jacob at fenix fitness in O'fallon
My Own Personal Transformation

From that day on out my life was permanently changed and fitness has become my lifelong passion. A passion that I want to share with others.

Ever since my experience with a personal trainer I’ve been committed to paying it forward. I want others to have a chance and a choice to live the life they want. 

I treat my client’s goals as if they were my own. If I hadn’t had my own personal trainer to support and believe in me – I don’t think I wouldn’t be here today.

I encourage everyone to work for what they want! It’ll can be hard, but you’ll have support, have fun and make positive changes you’ve never thought possible.

Jacobs Service Area

I work with all individuals at every level of fitness. I cover the following areas below – but if you’re area isn’t listed please give me a call – (636)-284-9028.

Fitness Services

Favorite Quote:

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that wont work.”

Thomas a. edison

Trainer Tip Tuesday Videos

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