TTT: Don’t Do The 75 Hard Challenge – Or Other Temporary Workouts

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Hey, everybody. And welcome back to another Trainer tip Tuesday, your source on all things health and fitness. For today’s Trainer tip Tuesday, I’m going to explain why you guys want to avoid trend workouts like 30 day and 75 Hard challenge programs.

Why You Should Avoid 30 Day and 75 Day Challenge Programs

You might have heard of a challenge called the 75 HARD Challenge. If not you can read more about the base of it here – 75 Hard. The basis of the challenge is to follow a diet, workout, drink water, and a few other non-fitness-related objectives. This follows a similar pattern to many other challenges. These 30 to 75-day challenges usually include things like no junk food, no alcohol, working out, etc. They’re mainly based on creating good diet and lifestyle habits.

Sounds Great Right? Can It Be That Easy?

Now you’re probably sitting there saying, Jacob, that sounds awesome. That sounds great. Sign me up! But, not so fast, there are a lot of problems with these programs.

For instance, when you cut out junk food and alcohol, what ends up happening is you’re just taking away that thing temporarily. It’s a bandaid fix because consider if all your friends are drinkers and maybe you say quit drinking for 30 days, that might be easy. But eventually, once all your friends ask you plenty of times to go out to the bar or do this or that you’re going to cave eventually, it doesn’t tackle the real issue at hand. Furthermore, I want to stress that these challenges have a time limit on them. It’s pretty much saying 30 to 75 days and then what after that? Is it over?

This is pretty much how everybody treats these types of workouts – as a temporary thing.

Skip A Temporary Fitness Hack And Work On Your Long Term Health And Fitness

Instead, if you want to see results that last forever, then you can’t put a time frame on it and it’s going to take a lot longer than what these challenges are saying.

You see when you knock everything out of your life that you’re struggling with, eventually, it’s just going to come back and you’re just going to slide all the way back downhill. The reason that people do this is that it would be awesome if we could change our life in 30 to 75 days and you can to some degree, but not what people are expecting like they’re going to lose 90 lbs or something.

Build Fitness Habits For Long Term Health And Fitness

You see if you really want to change the way you look and feel it’s going to take a lot longer than that.
You always have to ask yourself, how long did it take me to get to this point and then expect the same go on the other way. And guys, that’s mainly why you want to avoid these challenges is because they’re not really going to tackle the issues at hand that your particular is struggling with. Instead aim to just be 1% better. If you’re doing that your whole life, you’re going to get the results you want and not lose them afterward. That’s what I have for you guys.

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