3 Tips That Took Me From Fit to Fat (Video)

So in today’s video, I’m gonna give you guys three tips that took me from fat to fit. Starting off with tip number one is act as though your life depends on it. When I started, I was obese for 16 years and I had suffered with a lot of depression and self-confidence issues, and it really took me to my absolute bottom. But by being at my absolute bottom, I had nowhere to go but up.

The truth of the matter of the fact is your life does depend on you taking care of your body and your health. So treat it like it burn the ships and leave no way out but forward. My tip number two for you guys is remember that doing something is always better than doing nothing. A good concept that I learned was something called no zero days. So, right, you might not always be feeling it 100% every day, but what no zero days mean is that there’s not a day that goes by that you haven’t done something for your goal.

So that means maybe you didn’t get an hour workout in, but maybe you can squeeze in 20 minutes, 15 minutes. That’s a lot better than doing nothing. And guys, my third tip for reaching your fitness goals is momentum is everything. Think about it. When everybody starts their journey, it’s the hardest point, right?

Because you have no momentum, right? You’re starting from absolute zero. But every step you take towards your goal builds confidence and makes it easier to do. The better you eat, the better you feel about yourself and how you look. The more you achieve, the more you’re going to want it.

It’s going to give you confidence to keep going and push yourself further and further. There’s a saying that I live my life by is that practice makes better because perfect doesn’t exist. But you can always choose to do something better and build your momentum. So, guys, if you want to reach your fitness goals, then start implementing these concepts into your life and really push at it and you will be astounded at the results that you can get out of it.