Using a Personal Trainer During Covid

At-Home Personal Training, A Safer Option During Covid

It can be hard to stick to a workout routine even on a normal day. Lack of motivation can sneak in and ruin the best of intentions.

Throw in a worldwide pandemic, the increased risks of infection in public spaces, and you’ll have an easy time convincing yourself to skip your workouts.

You might be VERY READY to get back to the gym and workout with a trainer or jump back in on some fitness classes – But is it safe? What are the risks? 

covid and personal training how in home personal training is a better option

Fenix Fitness Training is an at-home personal training business where we work with clients in their own space. Any views are our own and any opinions or advice that is medical or fitness in nature should be discussed with a medical provider. 

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What if there is a safer alternative to training at the gym? 

If health and fitness are important to you, but you’re also worried about Covid exposure in crowded spaces, an At-Home Personal Trainer could be the perfect solution. 

And if you think you’re alone in your efforts to find a safe way to work out, think again. More Americans are opting to work out at home even after gyms have opened back up.

Working out with a personal trainer comes with several perks:

  • Motivation
  • Guidance
  • Personalized goal setting
  • An expert source of knowledge

But maybe the best perk is that they keep your workouts entertaining and fun so you’re more likely to stick to your routines. 

You don’t need to go to a gym to get all the perks of a personal trainer. There are personal trainers that will come to you. They’ll bring all the tools you’ll need so you get a great workout in the comfort and privacy of your home. 

Get inspiration, training tips, how to overcome fitness roadblocks, and more. Check out the Trainer Tip Tuesday Page for motivational videos.

Is it safe to exercise with a trainer at the gym during COVID?

When it comes to COVID infection risks, a safer alternative is outdoor spaces. In general, exercising outdoors, or away from crowded spaces with good circulation is less risky. 

Many gyms don’t have indoor and outdoor spaces. The CDC recommends that exercising outdoors is safer than indoors. You are less likely to be exposed to COVID when outside, even without the use of a mask. 

If you want to spend time with people who don’t live with you, outdoors is the safer choice!

Indoor spaces in gyms are generally much less ventilated and have many more people who are breathing heavily which can push Covid particulates into the air at a much greater rate.

However, there could be an option where a personal trainer has an indoor location where it’s just you and the trainer. This would be a better option as compared to working with a trainer in a gym with other people. 

Is It Safe To Go To The Gym When I’m Vaccinated?

Being vaccinated is better than not being vaccinated, but social distancing is shown to be the most beneficial to combat the spread of Covid. It’s commonly recommended to get vaccinated and wear a mask while socially distancing in indoor public spaces. 

But, even if you do have your vaccination, it’s not a good idea to forgo the mask. 

How to Minimize Covid Risks When Working With A Personal Trainer

  1. Limit the Number of People – Consider 1-on-1 Sessions Over Groups
  2. If You Train at a Gym, Wear a Mask
  3. Consider Training in Open Spaces, or Outside Over Indoors

One key aspect of staying as safe as possible when working out is to limit the number of people in a confined space. If you workout indoors with a trainer consider a 1-on-1 session where it’s just you and the trainer. But if you have a small group of friends or family, consider training outside in open spaces with good ventilation.

This is why in-home personal training is a safer alternative as compared to going to a gym. It’s just you and the trainer in your own space. You can choose to work out in your home, your garage, or even go to a park. 

But if you don’t have the option of personal training at home, consider going to a gym or studio where it can be just you and the trainer, and wear your mask. Transmission is much lower if everyone is wearing a mask.

What About Fitness Classes?

Going to a fitness class can be just as bad or even worse than at the gym. You will need to count on the organizer to keep the class sizes small with enough space between everyone. It’s likely that 6-feet might not be enough room with heavy breathing. 

Then you would also have to count on everyone in the class wearing a mask. Most people are fed up with wearing masks, so it’s nearly impossible that everyone will wear one, even if the organizer of the class makes it mandatory. 

However, if your fitness class takes place outside in a well-ventilated environment the risks are reduced compared to indoors. This is the same for any “fitness activity” such as yoga classes, swimming at a local pool, group workouts, etc. 

Fitness Class Substitute,
At-Home Group Personal Training

There is a good chance that most of us have a Covid bubble. A small group of people that we meet occasionally are all on the same page about Covid safety. We can trust that these people will have our best interest and vice-versa in daily activities. 

If you do, this group could be your new fitness class. Most personal trainers are comfortable with small groups, and most of the time the price is the same as 1-on-1. It would be worth it to ask a personal trainer their group rates and see if your friends would get involved. What better way to work on health and fitness than with friends. 

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In-Home Personal Training Can Be A Safer Way To Train

couple working out at home for more americans working out at home after gyms open

Staying safe from Covid

Your health and fitness are also important. Many people have transitioned from working out at the gym to doing home workouts. 

And while working out at home can be just as effective as working out at the gym, it can be hard to keep workouts interesting and entertaining. Once motivation dwindles, so can the frequency of your workouts.

You should also be cautious of doing 30-day and 75-day challenges that have been popping up. They are quick workouts that promote hard work and a strict diet that can show results quickly. But they aren’t that great for developing habits that will keep you fit and healthy. Your weight is more likely to yo-yo and the strict diets aren’t designed for stability.

There are also people who started working out for the first time during the pandemic. After being in lockdowns and isolated from others, some have decided to work on their fitness with at-home workouts. It’s a great initiative that we love to see, but there can also be some setbacks. 

Starting to work out when you’ve never worked out before can lead to a lack of results or even injuries. We work with many people who have tried and tried to work out from home but never see results. Or worse, those who were injured and now have lost most of their motivation to try again. 

That’s why we recommend to Stop Copying Workouts from the Internet (watch the video).

 A better alternative would be to consult a personal trainer that can set up a fitness plan that matches where you’re at in your fitness journey. Even if you contact a trainer virtually, you’ll get better results and less of a chance of injury.

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