Top 5 Dieting Tips

Plant the Seeds for Success

These top 5 dieting tips for weight loss are the most important, and easiest changes that will give the best results. If you follow even one of these tips you will see results. The tips are easy to implement and show you exactly how you can go about setting up a healthier diet.

Nutrition is a big part of personal training. Your trainer should be talking to you about what you eat. If you have a trainer that doesn’t, it’s time to find another trainer. To learn more about how we include nutrition into personal training head over to our Nutrition Coaching Page to learn more. 

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Diet Tip 1: Make Healthier Substitutions

When you’re trying to diet for weight loss instead of trying to change everything at once, make small substitutions. Now, what do I mean by that? A perfect example would be if you like to eat cheeseburgers you could use whole wheat buns, or even remove the buns. All my clients see the best results when they do this because this is sustainable. If you try and eliminate a food you love all at once odds are you won’t enjoy your diet, therefore you will relapse.

This is because our society has raised us with an all-or-nothing mentality. Meaning we believe we should be able to do the whole shebang or we are a failure. Think about it. When you have a little cheat on your diet have you followed that up with an even larger binge? You would have obviously been better off with having a little cheat versus the binge. This happens because most of us have adopted the mentality: “Oh I’ve already cheated, I’m a failure, therefore I will eat even more.” Making healthy substitutions is more sustainable because it abandons the all-or-nothing mentality, and allows for you to learn and grow.

Diet Tip 2: Keep a Food Log

Something I talk about all the time is calories in < calories out for weight loss. How do you know your calories in? That’s right! You have to keep a food log. Think of a food log as your map, it tells you where you need to go. Otherwise, how do you know what to change? Life is so busy that if you don’t log your food odds are you won’t know what to change. You wouldn’t go on vacation without your GPS or a map would you? Rather than dream about reaching your goal, make it happen and log your food. All the answers you’re looking for are there.

Diet Tip 3: Set Aside Time For Meal Prep

Meal prep is key because you are setting yourself up for success. Take a second and think, when you’re dieting what do you usually do when there’s no healthy food to eat? Be honest, you go out and pick up something unhealthy and convenient. Then you find yourself binging because you fell right back into the all-or-nothing mindset. If you meal prep for the workweek on the weekends you are setting yourself up for success. This single tip will save you from so much stress.

Diet Tip 4: Keep Unhealthy Foods Out of the House

This tip might seem like common sense, but it’s very difficult to execute. But, if you have unhealthy foods right in your face sooner or later you will end up eating them. This could cause a binge moment, but by doing this you will have to put in more effort to eat that unhealthy food you want. By doing this you have time to think about what you’re doing before you feel the regret of a binge. If you find this tip too difficult you could just hide your unhealthy foods around the house where you don’t look or are hard to reach.

Diet Tip 5: Drink More Water

Drinking more water is an obvious tip, but you should know why it works. The matter of fact is you are most hungry when your stomach feels empty. By simply drinking more water, your stomach will be fuller, more often. A study done over a 12-month period found that a group of women lost 5 lbs more than the group that didn’t by simply just drinking more water. They changed only one small thing and saw a 5lb fat loss, that’s about as big as a brick! Imagine taking a whole brick off your waistline by doing something so small.

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