3 Dieting Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

Dieting Tips I Personally Use Day-To-Day
Small Steps that Stick

A great diet is essential for your fitness goal. What many people don’t know is what makes a great diet, and that diets that work can be different for everyone.

Here are three dieting tips that I believe are key to a successful diet. And these tips work for any diet. I personally use these EXACT tips in my day-to-day life!

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Tip 1: 80/20 Principle

A lot of people believe you have to be all in to reach your goals. But balance is important! If you frequently eat out and then try to quit cold turkey, then that change is probably not sustainable. Instead, don’t torture yourself, and remember that having balance is important to get sustained results.

You can have balance in your life by implementing the 80/20 principle. 80% of the meals you eat are “clean” foods and 20% of your diet is “cheat” foods. For example, if you eat 3 meals a day, then that means you would be able to have a “cheat” food roughly every 2 days.

Tip 2: Just a Little Better

This is my favorite of the 3 dieting tips. I recommend it to anybody just getting started on their journey. The trick is, whatever you eat just make it a little bit healthier. This could come in many forms. Maybe you eat burgers frequently, and so you make it a little healthier by removing the buns or using whole wheat. Just like how houses are built brick by brick, your dream body will be built one small change at a time.

Another great example is my fiance loved peanut butter and jelly. So, she kept eating her peanut butter and jelly, but she used sugar-free jelly and whole wheat bread. Making changes like this in her diet was key to her 60-pound fat loss journey.

Tip 3: Food Logging

By far, one of the most impactful things you can do when trying to lose fat or gain muscle. It’s just like budgeting, by logging the food you eat you can then make better decisions. You can look at what you ate, find what you think could be a better choice, make a small change, and get results!

It’s just like budgeting. You have a goal, to save money, and so you monitor your expenses. When you see something you don’t like you’ll spend less. Similarly, if you log your food, you’ll be able to make changes in line with your goal, and the person you’re trying to become.

Biggest Takeaways

There is one main theme in these 3 dieting tips. That is: small changes over time create the desired outcome, in your case a healthier and happier body. If you can implement any of these 3 tips you can elevate your health to a whole new level! It may seem silly, but the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, and I know you can do it!

3 Tips For a Successful Diet

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