TTT: Start Over If You Want to Succeed

Hey, everybody. And welcome back to another Trainer tip Tuesday, your source on all things health and fitness.

So jumping on into today’s Trainer tip Tuesday, I’m going to be giving you guys one of the most important tips I can give when you’re going to try and replace your goal. And that tip for you guys is to start and start and start.

Now you’re probably sitting there wondering and asking yourself, what do I mean by that?

Well, of course, when we have goals, we oftentimes start with a lot of motivation going after those goals. But what happens usually and almost always is we get off track and we just kind of fall to pieces. Now, when that happens, what most people do is give up, they stop trying instead. What you guys should be doing is start again. It’s that simple.

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Every time you start over, you might have failed in the past, but that failure can be something to elevate you to success. I have a few great examples to share with you guys. My own personal story was that when I first started I was scared and I took that first step and the first thing I could do is elliptical and I might have lost £15 or so. But what happened was I eventually fell off the wagon as everybody does. The reason that I am talking to you guys right here today is that when I got off the wagon, I didn’t have a pity party for myself for too long.

Instead, what I did is I just got back to it. I kept trying. You’re not going to succeed on the first attempt. It’s crazy to think you would. It took me five-plus years to get to the point where I’m at right now to be able to talk and speak on these things.

Another great example is a lot of my clients that have seen a lot of success. Now, when cop it happened, I wasn’t able to train them at the gym, so they saw six, eight months of no progress or even falling off. But you know, what did happen is they got back to it. One of my most successful clients right now is down over £45. It’s because when she fell off, she didn’t quit.

She contacted me and was ready to just get right back to it. And at the end of the day, that’s what it comes down to. You guys have two options. You can either start or be a failure. It wasn’t easy and I had to start over several times, but what mattered was that I didn’t give up.

So that’s my advice to you guys is to try starting over. Don’t be afraid to fail. It might take you several attempts before it finally sticks, but you’ll be glad that you stuck it out through all that pain because on the other side of that pain is a beautiful success. That’s my tip for you guys. This week.

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