What’s TRX® Training?

What Is TRX?

TRX Straps for suspension training hanging from a bar in a gym.

With TRX training you can

reach your goals, anywhere,

regardless of fitness level.

TRX suspension training is an exercise tool developed by a former navy seal that allows people to work out regardless of location. It does this by using an anchor such as a door or tree that it hangs from and allows you to use your body weight as the resistance.

Why TRX?

TRX allows you to get the optimal workout from home by using the best tool, your body. The TRX straps can be used practically everywhere and grant you access to many different exercises. Whether you’re at home, an office, or a park you’ll be able to use TRX to your advantage. Regardless of your goal, whether it be weight loss or gaining muscle, the TRX system will help you achieve it any place, any time.

It’s For Everyone

From absolute beginner to the pro athlete the TRX training system will have exercises that will challenge your fitness. For example, if you struggle with doing a pushup, then you can use the TRX straps to make a pushup possible. On the other hand, if you have mastered the plank then doing a TRX plank can make the exercise hard for you. That’s the great thing about the TRX training system, it meets you where you’re at!

Functional Workouts

We choose to incorporate TRX into our training because it provides the fundamentals for functional exercise: strength, stability, and flexibility. It can do this because the straps are free-moving, meaning they can move in any direction. So when you do a pushup on the TRX you have to work harder than doing a pushup on the floor. Also, because those straps move freely it allows you to reach deep stretching positions, which increases flexibility. The straps will also help you build muscle and burn fat because TRX straps allow for a maximum range of motion making exercises much more effective. All these qualities allow for better fat loss, stronger and more toned muscles, and improved posture.

Overall, the TRX is a great training tool that can help you look and feel the way you’ve always wanted!

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