TTT: Stop Copying From Online Workouts

Hey, everybody, welcome back to another Trainer Tip Tuesday, your source on all things health and fitness. So for today, my Trainer Tip Tuesday is for you guys to stop copying workouts that you’re finding on the Internet.

Now, there are going to be two main reasons is why you guys don’t want to copy workouts from the Internet.

Reason number one is going to be because workouts that aren’t designed around your imbalances are going to cause you to get injured. And as you guys know, when you’re injured, you’re going to stop dieting and training. So you’re probably just going to fall off the wagon altogether.

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Reason number two kind of goes back to Reason number one is that it doesn’t take into consideration your muscular imbalances. For example, in a lot of programs, you see something like a barbell squat. Well, most people nowadays aren’t ready to handle barbell squat right off the bat because they have some imbalances that they need to tackle.

So when you copy that workout for the first time, you’re headed into the gym and you do a barbell squat when you’re not ready, odds are you’re going to get injured instead.

What I’d recommend you guys to do is just do some research yourself and the personal trainers, and you can pay maybe $100 to $200 for a trainer to put together a program that’s based around your needs and your goals. Or you could go the alternative route. If you don’t have any money, YouTube universities out there, you can just Google or YouTube, anything that you need to know about working out, and you can find those sources there.

But ultimately, guys, what I want you to do is stop using those copy and paste workouts because if you don’t understand why those exercises are there or if they don’t work for your body, then your workouts aren’t going to be getting you the results that you want.

So that wraps it up for Today’s Trainer Tip Tuesday. As always, check out our blog and stay tuned for more!

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