TTT: Lose More Fat Working Out With This ONE Change

Trainer Tip Tuesday Video: Lose More Fat Working Out With This ONE Change

If you do an exercise and you can’t feel it in the right muscles that’s a problem! If you’re trying to lose weight and tone up, then your workouts and how you perform them matter a lot. Moving into that, today’s video is going to be about how to have good form in the gym!

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Why Does It Matter?

There are two big reasons why you want to focus on your form:

  1. Firstly: If you execute an exercise properly you will put stress on your muscles. If you don’t, a lot of the stress goes to your joints. Stressed muscles burn calories, stressed joints wear out. Your repetitions should all look the same in terms of speed, stability (not shaking), and effort.
  2. Secondly: When you are exercising properly you won’t get injured, and if you’ve been in any gym you know how common it is. Getting injured is going to prevent you from working out and dieting, it’ll pretty much set you back to square one.

How Do I Exercise With Good Form?

I touched on this a little, but the best way to achieve great form is to drop the weight. Most people grossly overestimate how much weight they can actually do. That’s why injuries are so common. So here are my main points when it comes to making sure you have good form a good repetition has these qualities:

  • Lower weight
  • Repetitions are the same speed
  • There’s no pain
  • It feels right
  • You feel your muscles ONLY

So, guys give this a shot and let me know how it works for you! As always, check out the blog for more content!

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