Nutrition vs. Exercise for the Best Fat Loss

Diet vs. Exercise: Which is more important for fat loss?

“Which is more important for losing fat, exercise or nutrition?”

If you’ve ever thought about losing weight you’ve probably wondered this same question before. Well, I’m here today to provide the answer, let’s jump in!

Fat Loss ≠ Weight Loss

There is a common misconception that weight loss and fat loss are the same. Weight Loss means that you are losing all types of weight: fat, water, AND, most importantly, muscle. Fat Loss is mainly about losing fat. Therefore, these two things are not the same.

So Which Is Most Important for Fat Loss?

Now that we covered the differences we can answer the above question. The answer is they’re both equally important. The reason for this is because if you only focus on being in a calorie deficit you’ll experience weight loss. If you lose weight you will lose muscle because your body isn’t carrying as much weight. Less weight means less muscle needed. Think like a football player or powerlifter, they have a ton of muscle because they have a higher weight. Nutrition still has many important benefits like:

  • Can’t lose fat without a good diet, we have a saying you can’t out-train a poor diet
  • Massively helps to reduce the chances of chronic conditions
  • A proper diet will help you feel energized
  • You’ll eliminate brain fog and think clearer than ever before

Here’s where exercise kicks in. Whenever you exercise you’ll gain the benefits of hypertrophy, aka muscle building. When you exercise you cause little micro-tears in your muscle that causes them to rebuild so they come back bigger and stronger. So, when you enter a moderate calorie deficit you can maintain your muscle while losing weight. This way instead of losing all types of weight you are losing fat. There’s a ton of other benefits you’ll get from weight training which includes:

  • You’ll feel and look toned in your clothes and in the mirror!
  • Faster metabolism, more muscle = more calorie burn
  • You’ll burn calories for up to 72 hours after your workout, called EPOC
  • Movement is medicine, you’ll feel healthier than ever

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