TTT: Reach Your Goals By Eliminating Self-Defeating Thoughts

Hi, everybody. And welcome back to another trainer tip Tuesday. Your source on all things health and fitness. So hopping into today’s trainer tip Tuesday. My tip for you guys is to start eliminating self-defeating thoughts.

Now, self-defeating thoughts are the thoughts in your head that you think when you are faced with a really challenging goal, say, like losing 40 pounds. There are a lot of people in the world who think that losing 40 pounds is just impossible and that you have to have a stroke of luck for something like that to happen by taking in these kinds of thoughts, what you’re doing is you’re giving up the power to change, meaning that you believe it’s out of the realm of possibility for you to achieve your goal.

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Now I just have to ask what person has ever reached their goal, not believing it was possible? In fact, if there’s only one person that needs to believe in yourself and your goal and that’s you because there will be a lot of people in your life that will tell you that it’s not possible either. I had plenty of people shoot down my goal of losing 50 pounds, but what was important was that in my mind, I didn’t have the thought that it was impossible. I believed in myself

Instead, I did what you guys should be doing too. And you should think it’s not impossible, but it’s challenging and it’s hard because that’s what it really is. And once you label it as what it really is, you can start tackling the things that are holding you back from being the person that you want to be. And so that’s my tip for you guys is don’t have those thoughts. Instead, try and think that it’s not impossible, but it’s challenging.

It’s hard, and that’s okay because that’s going to make me grow. When you take on that mentality, you’ll certainly see success no matter what happens. And that’s my trainer tip for you guys this Tuesday!

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