How to Master Discipline

Trainer Tip Tuesday: How to Master Discipline

Hey everybody, welcome back to another Trainer Tip Tuesday! Today’s tip is going to help you learn to master self-discipline.

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If you’ve ever pursued any goal odds are you have fallen off the wagon and found yourself needing discipline. That’s because motivation can only take you so far. You won’t always feel like doing it, and on those days that’s when the discipline muscle kicks in.

Discipline is just like a muscle. When you work out your muscles they break down and grow back bigger, this is called hypertrophy. Similarly, whenever you experience obstacles your discipline is exercised like a muscle. The problem is most people quit before they get to see the muscle grow.

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What Usually Happens

The usual problem people run into with self-discipline is that they experience success short-term, but fall off the wagon and quit entirely. Either you or someone you know has started a diet, seen great weight loss, and then gained it all back.

You see, falling off the wagon is part of growing your discipline muscle. The reason why is because life will always knock you down, but whenever you get back up you’ve exercised discipline.

How You Make It Happen

The truth is you’ll cheat on your diet; we all do. I always find it hilarious when people think I’m a perfect health robot: and I never cheat on my diet. The truth is I do, and the difference is that when I do I forgive myself.

That’s the secret. If you take on the mentality that you’ve cheated on your diet and that you’re a failure, then you are.

Instead, adopt the mentality that you can only control the now. We all wish we could go back and undo that pizza, but we can’t. So you just have to do the next best thing: and that’s getting back to working hard for your goals! I always say: “There’s nothing special about me, so go out and live your dreams too!”

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